IR Next

Dr. Khalid Mahmood

Chairman & Founder – IR NEXT

We at  IR NEXT or Industrial revolution Next, have taken upon the social and commercial task to launch and prepare the Ecosystem for the people of Pakistan, for the modern Industrial Revolution 4.0 Apps & Technologies and beyond.

Regrettably, Pakistan is at least 20 years behind the developed countries(excluding USA and China) in the field of IT and IR 3.0. We do not only need to catch up with these technologies, but also to work aggressively on IR 4.0, where we are 10 years behind the developed nations. Through a futuristic and collaborative; Print , Electronic and social media awareness campaigns and hybrid education plan, our objective is to make Pakistan at par with the developed nations in IT by 2030.

IR NEXT’s Philosophy is to create a Knowledge-Based Economy by imparting practical and objective IT education, so that our Graduates earn while under training. Our CSR projects will, In Sha Allah empower the average students to stand on the feet and will develop a prosperous society.

“Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation.” – Dean Kamen

The IR Next team is all geared up to take the Industrial Revolution (IR) technologies to a whole new level in Pakistan. We provide comprehensive AI, IoT, Cloud Computing and Blockchain solutions, from the initial discussions to the implementation and beyond. Our firm belief is that the future of the world lies in the IR technologies, and after the internet, blockchain is the technology with the capability to sweep the world businesses. On the other hand, we as a nation have always been reluctant when adopting technology. IR Next have taken on a mission to educate the corporations and businesses into accepting IR technologies as the latest innovation, as its implementation in a few years’ time would become inevitable. In this regard, as an initial plan of action, we shall introduce IR technologies in public corporations, as a result it shall help in creating great awareness for the new technology amongst the masses. In short, our aim is to create a nation that is not ignorant towards the new revolution that is just around the corner.


Education Sector

For creating a literate Pakistan, we at IR Next have initiated a non-profit based educational institution that with the help of a very capable domestic and international faculty, shall offer courses in fields which are innovative and futuristic. We dream of creating a youth for Pakistan that shall not only be literate but, its proficiency and understanding of the technology should be in line with the international standards.


Media Agenda

As a part of our literate Pakistan initiative, we have lined up several seminars, lectures, webinars, which may be available at different platforms, for the youth to acquire knowledge from. Very learned technology experts from Pakistan and around the world, coming from various fields shall enlighten the youth on their expertise and accomplishments. This valuable insight into their experiences shall open new doors to the cognitive thinking of the listeners.